Land Planning and Consulting*

Successful Planning involves a multi-disciplinary approach, which includes analysis of the interconnectedness between the social, economic, psychological and physical well-being of individuals, families, businesses and communities and their interaction with the built and natural environments.


We are experienced professionals who have successfully worked in the private and public sectors, in coordination with government agencies, developers and community groups to evaluate local and regional needs, create planning documents, draft public notices, and generate designs that support community, commerce and the environment.


We have proven experience conducting public outreach campaigns and concensus building among stakeholder groups, as well as making presentations to Commissions, Boards, Councils, and other decision-making bodies.


We also offer planning-related support services and consulting to Cities and HOA's, as an extention of their existing staff for special projects and third-party plan reviews.  Our professional services are also envaluable to private developers who desire assistance in developing plans and building community support for proposed projects.


We offer a wide-range of professional Land Planning Services, including:


  • General Plan and Specific Plan Updates
  • Support for Visual Impact Analysis (VIA) and Environemental Impact Studies
  • Development of Community Design Guidelines
  • Master Planning
  • Public Outreach, Workshops and Design Charrettes
  • Public Policy Development and Implemenation Strategies
  • Project Representation and Entitlement Planning
  • Special Projects Management and Support Services
  • Planning and Community Development Support
  • Design Review











*Mike Nichols is a qualified member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (#025298)




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